All it takes is one link from a top blog or social media influencer, and you’re set…

That one link can flood your website with thousands of leads, and if you’re lucky customers.

Question is how can you get just that one link?

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You know Pinterest is a big deal…

You’ve seen Pinterest buttons everywhere, but you’ve also probably seen the “Pin It to Win It” banners too.

Everyone from Better Homes & Gardens, Kraft and Threadless to Spa Week, AMC Theaters and Syracuse University has experimented with running contests on Pinterest, the third most visited social media network behind Facebook and Twitter.

Should you jump in and follow suit? Absolutely! Forget running a contest on Facebook with all their stringent rules and regulations and hold your next contest on Pinterest instead.

Read on to discover nine tips and strategies to get more traffic, increase your sales and find new customers from running a contest on Pinterest.

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So you’re about to launch something: an audio program, a video course, an eBook, a new service, or pretty much anything. You want people to buy it and love and recommend it to friends.

So what do you do? How do you create a killer launch that will help you accomplish your goals?

Forget the guest posts and email campaigns. You may be overlooking something far simpler and much more effective.

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Today I’ve got 5 resources about building websites that you’ve got to check out.

  • The true cost of entrepreneurship (what your friends and family will never understand)
  • 5 steps to building a better blog (an oldie, but did you finish all 5 steps yet?)
  • The dirty little words that prevent your readers from buying whatever it is you’re selling (I call them wallet-closing words).
  • A remarkable, high-converting feature box download (for Thesis users)
  • 3 beautiful website designs that use Thesis (for design inspiration)

Plus, I need your opinion…

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Everyone is obsessed with tactics. Traffic tactics, conversion tactics, pricing tactics and every other ‘you-MUST-be-doing-this-one-thing-or-you-will-FAIL’ type tactics.

But this obsession with tactics is getting dangerous.

Ever feel like you’re fighting to find more time to implement the latest tactics, but even though you’re working harder, you’re not see the massive results you’ve expected?

Here’s why… tactics are worthless.

You see, tactics are part 2 of a 2-step process, but no one ever really talks about part 1.

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