Software version numbers are kind of confusing, aren’t they?

Chrome, for example, has crazy version numbers, such as 31.0.1650.63, that mean little or nothing to anyone except its developers.

WordPress version numbers like 3.8 and 3.8.1 carry a more obvious meaning, but they still require some explanation.

Thesis version numbers are similar to WordPress ones, and today, we’ll see precisely how they work and what they mean. This quick overview will provide you with insights you can use to proceed with confidence whenever we push a Thesis update.

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For nearly 6 years, we’ve handled all of your support requests in the DIYthemes forums. Countless words have been written back and forth to resolve everyday issues, and that’s worked fairly well for everyone so far.

But I think we can serve you better—a lot better, in fact.

That’s why I’m happy to announce a new, email-based support model that will enable us to reply to you directly in the most accessible place of all—your inbox.

(Although we will continue to operate the forums just as we always have, all official support will be moved to this new system.)

Let’s take a quick look at our new support model and see why we’ll be able to serve you faster and more reliably than we could through the forums. [click to continue…]

Thesis Skins are the realization of over 5 years of dedication to a single cause: Providing you with optimized, beautiful, and customizable designs that you can use without sacrificing any mission-critical functionality or having to learn a new system (as is the case when you switch from one WordPress theme to another).

On that note, today is a banner day here at DIYthemes because we are releasing the first official add-on for Thesis. It’s called the Promo Skin, and it’s the initial offering in our premium designers’ series. (These Skins are collaborations between top designers and Thesis creator Chris Pearson.)

Designed by Thesis expert Nina Cross, Promo is informed by years of freelance work and common requests from people just like you. The result is a Skin that has everything you need to build an audience, promote yourself, and look like a pro in the process.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use Promo to improve your site immediately:

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As you know, we’ve been on fire for the last month and a half with the release of Thesis 2.1, a fresh new home page, the Social Triggers Skin, and the forthcoming Pearsonified Skin.

But we aren’t the only ones who’ve been crushing it.

Some of the power users in the Thesis community have been hard at work on their own Skins, too.

Today, I’ll introduce you to a few of them.

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Check out the Social Triggers Skin Demo!

Social Triggers Skin screenshotI’ve been waiting a long time for today, and I know you have, too.

Today, I get to introduce you to the first official add-on Skin for Thesis: Social Triggers.

These days, most theme companies brag about responsive designs, SEO, and other nifty features like HTML5 and microdata (markup schema).

But in 2013, we believe that’s the just price of admission when it comes to creating a Thesis Skin.

So naturally, the Social Triggers Skin offers you a level of value that goes deeper than that.

I’ll go into the details in just a bit, but first…

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