Introducing the Promo Skin for Thesis

by Chris Pearson · 109 comments

Thesis Skins are the realization of over 5 years of dedication to a single cause: Providing you with optimized, beautiful, and customizable designs that you can use without sacrificing any mission-critical functionality or having to learn a new system (as is the case when you switch from one WordPress theme to another).

On that note, today is a banner day here at DIYthemes because we are releasing the first official add-on for Thesis. It’s called the Promo Skin, and it’s the initial offering in our premium designers’ series. (These Skins are collaborations between top designers and Thesis creator Chris Pearson.)

Designed by Thesis expert Nina Cross, Promo is informed by years of freelance work and common requests from people just like you. The result is a Skin that has everything you need to build an audience, promote yourself, and look like a pro in the process.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use Promo to improve your site immediately:

Indispensable Promo Skin Features

Note: You may want to open the Promo Skin demo in another window while you read the rest of this post.

For example, Promo contains a header promo bar that you can use to draw your visitors’ attention to important, time-sensitive content. We use this strategy here at DIYthemes, and it’s an easy way to drive traffic to places where your visitors can take action.

Next, Promo comes with social media profile icon links, which provide you with an easy way to link to the various social media profiles relative to you. With default locations in the header, footer, and sidebar, you’ll be able to place your profile links in areas where your visitors can see ’em.

Which social media sites are supported? Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and even your RSS feed.

(So far, people are LOVING this. I know you’re gonna dig the icon links.)

In her freelance work, Nina receives similar requests from clients for certain types of functionality. Her most often-requested item is a tabbed posts box, where you can link to recent posts, popular posts, and even hand-picked posts from your blog.

Needless to say, she has hooked you up with this awesome—and customizable!—feature in the Promo Skin. Look for it in the sidebar.

In addition, Promo supports a business or personal logo in the header via Thesis’ simple header image interface. Better still, your logo is guaranteed to look great on all devices because of our attention to detail in responsive views.

And naturally, the Promo Skin features a meticulously optimized, responsive design.

We go to great lengths to ensure that your site looks fantastic on all types of devices so you don’t have to. After all, your job is to build an audience and promote yourself; it’s our job to worry about the technical details of your website!

Simple, Breathtaking Design Options

When Nina first sent me Promo, I was blown away by how awesome the color scheme picker is on this Skin. The design uses more colors than either the Classic Responsive or Social Triggers Skins, and the results that come from using the Thesis ColorScale tool are truly remarkable.

With the ColorScale tool, you’re just one click away from 246 different color schemes, and each of these resulting color schemes can be tweaked to infinity. You can create unlimited potential combinations in just a few clicks (and from the comfort of Thesis’ simple design options page).

Watch the video below for a 2-minute look at the color customization possibilities:

The thing I like the most about this is that anyone who uses Promo can easily create a unique color scheme that suits them.

Once upon a time, people complained because they thought so many Thesis sites looked alike. Thanks to Thesis 2’s revolutionary design controls, those complaints began to wither away.

And now that Promo is here, those days are long gone. Infinite customization is at your fingertips, and you can create a unique look for your site in just a few clicks.

Also, Promo contains simplified layout and font controls that are designed around the items people tend to change the most.

For example, you can change column widths, column orientation (content on the left or right), and the general font settings from the comfort of the design options. You can even tweak your nav menu and sidebar settings if you really want to go for a custom look.

Of course, Thesis will adjust your design according to the settings you choose, so your resulting typography and layout will always be pixel-perfect. (It’s kind of our thing.)

Detailed Documentation to Help You Hit the Ground Running

After you’ve installed Promo, you can have a look at the Promo Skin documentation for a detailed look at the new features and how to implement them on your site.

Everything is point-and-click, and regardless of your skill level, you’ll be up and running within about 5 minutes.

Oh, and although I didn’t mention it earlier, the Promo Skin also supports our Email Signup Form Boxes (MailChimp and AWeber for now, with more to come soon). And if you’re using a different email campaign provider, we can help you integrate the forms into your site in just a few minutes.

Seriously, we’ve thought of everything 😀

How to Purchase the Promo Skin

The Promo Skin offers incredible value in a simple, gorgeous package, and it’s available to existing Thesis customers for a one-time cost of $57 (this includes future updates to the Skin to ensure that it’s always cutting-edge).

To get it, log into DIYthemes, and then visit the “My Account” page. From there, you can select the Promo Skin, and then click the “Buy Now” button.

If you’re not yet a Thesis customer but would still like to get Promo, then you’ll need to purchase Thesis. After getting Thesis, you can follow the simple steps outlined above to get Promo.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. I’m keen to hear what you have to say about the Promo Skin!

Finally, you can find Nina Cross on Twitter @crossnina. I’m sure she’d love to hear your thoughts on Promo, too.

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building effective websites.

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Bryan Haines

Looks great – can’t wait to give it a try.

Thanks for the good stuff!

Chris Pearson

We’ve got a lot more good stuff on the way, too!

Emiko Yamasaki

Hi Chris, thank you for the update.

How can I render my fonts on my website like you have done on your
front page –

They are so clear and have a bit of a blur effect like MacOSX fonts. They
look beautiful. You didn’t apply text-shadow. How did you accomplish it?

A different font render?

Warmest Regards,
Emiko Yamasaki

Chris Pearson

Emiko, I’m using cloud.typography fonts from Hoefler & Frere-Jones (my favorite font foundry). They load fast, look great on every browser/OS combo, and are super reliable—highly recommended!

David Bennett

So the first theme that looks good since the introduction of Thesis 2, and even though I paid for the developer’s package ages ago – this new theme is a paid option???

Don Donadio

I am so with you on this one. I bought it as well and figured after all the grief and wasted time Thesis2 caused we were due a free enhancement. Yeah right. The guy is nuts.

Chris Pearson

David and Don, you guys certainly have a skewed sense of value. Other theme outlets charge a per-unit price for child themes and the like; what makes you think we should operate differently, especially when we deliver more value, control, and attention to detail than everyone else with everything we do?

Will Venter

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using Thesis. But that statement isn’t completely accurate. There are other frameworks out there that offer free child themes on an almost weekly basis if you purchase the professional license.

Reliance on 3rd party skin developers has been problematic for me. They stop updating, discontinue skins, or just go out of business.

I haven’t launched any new sites using Thesis for a number of years because of this problem. But I look forward to see what Thesis has in store for future skins.

Chris Pearson

Will, a few things here…you said:

There are other frameworks out there that offer free child themes on an almost weekly basis if you purchase the professional license.

First, unless I’m mistaken, most of these “professional licenses” cost at least $297, and sometimes more. Thesis Professional costs $197, and furthermore, we are extremely specific about what you get with the Thesis Professional license (lifetime updates to Thesis 2, 3 Skins, 5 social media Boxes, 2 email signup Boxes, and the Developer Tools Box).

Second, Thesis is not like other WordPress themes. Although you (and others) may expect us to charge and operate in a similar manner to other theme companies, the fact is, Thesis is different, and we have been very clear about this.

Third, each of our Skins is of a much higher quality—from a detail, flexibility, and customizability standpoint—than other outfits’ child themes. Why should we charge the same as other people for a better product (that also takes us longer to produce)?

Fourth, we are not relying on any “3rd party skin developers.” Although Nina Cross designed Promo, the Skin is the property of DIYthemes, and DIYthemes is responsible for both updating and supporting it. Make no mistake—Promo is a DIYthemes product.

And if it makes you feel any better, I spent over a month on the CSS, options, and customization aspects of the Skin. This is not only a damn fine product, it’s the finest product in the DIYthemes lineup right now.

Fifth, you said:

Reliance on 3rd party skin developers has been problematic for me. They stop updating, discontinue skins, or just go out of business.

I haven’t launched any new sites using Thesis for a number of years because of this problem. But I look forward to see what Thesis has in store for future skins.

This logic makes no sense. Thesis has never been reliant on 3rd party developers for anything; we have never stopped updating; we’ve never discontinued any Skins; and clearly, we’re still in business.

Finally, if what you really meant was that you stopped using Thesis because we didn’t offer a bevy of Skins (or child themes), then that’s a fair point. However, as you can see with Promo, that is changing as we speak.

And based on what we have planned, I think you’re going to be quite happy with the new stuff we’ll be rolling out in the future.

Will Venter

I think some Thesis Professional license holders didn’t understand how DIYthemes skins were integrated into Thesis 2. That’s where those comments are coming from. Not from a ‘skewed sense of value’.

I didn’t say DIYthemes relied on 3rd party skin developers. I underestimated the learning curve when I bought my professional license. I didn’t have time to do the job myself, so I bought some 3rd party skins.

But those themes stopped updating or the developers went out of business. That’s why I stopped using Thesis for my new blogs. I’m not blaming DIYthemes though. It’s my problem to deal with.

I don’t have those concerns about the new DIYthemes skins. I have no worries about the quality, updates, or support.

I won’t compare Thesis with other frameworks. This isn’t the right forum for that discussion. Like you said, Thesis is different.

I’m not a programmer or designer. So it just comes down to personal preference. As long as the theme does the job and looks good, I’m happy.

I’ll definitely check out the new skins. Cost isn’t a big deal. I’m sure you have lots of exciting developments up your sleeve.


Thesis Professional license (lifetime updates to Thesis 2, 3 Skins, 5 social media Boxes, 2 email signup Boxes, and the Developer Tools Box).

I don’t know your priorities but maybe put Pearsonified Skin to higher place as you promised long time ago.

Chris Pearson

Serdar, I agree. The Pearsonified Skin is our next big release, though we do have some completed email Boxes that we may release in the meantime.

Roy Blumenthal

I’m with Chris on this. Thesis is for professionals, not freebie-hunters. There are zillions of free WordPress templates out there. Thesis does what I need it to do. I was happy to pay for it. And I’m happy to pay for amazing new functionality.

Chad Barker

Chris, I think “you guys certainly have a skewed sense of value” is an understatement. These people have no problem paying $6 for a cup of coffee or $50 on tickets & popcorn for 2 hours of entertainment at the movies. They would never think of going into Wal-Mart and asking why more of there stuff isn’t free. But they jump on the internet an expect everything to be free.

I just want you to know, I recognize the effort and risk you take developing Thesis and the skins. I want you to get paid, and I want you to prosper! Great work!

Also, I was impressed that you carried over developer option I purchased for v1.x and allowed me to download v2.1 at no extra cost. Thank you.

Chris Pearson

Chad and Roy, I appreciate you guys. Sentiments like this help our team push forward and bring you more great stuff. Thanks!


Absolutely right Chad.

If these skins were all free, then I’d certainly be worried. If I want it, I buy it. I much prefer having the choice and understand the concept that a business needs revenue in order to prosper.

Paying for the developer license once and getting free upgrades for ever is more than adequate. To then expect extras such as skins for free is unrealistic.

However, I will try this tactic when I’m next in the pub. Free refill please barman! 🙂


Love the typography and the colours. Nice work!

Chris Pearson

Thanks, Damien! Although we always sweat the details, I can say with confidence that we’ve outdone ourselves this time.

For example, email forms—despite the fact that they aren’t default components of the Skin—have been programmed to be responsive in the promo bar, sidebar, and even in the content column (after posts and pages).

No matter what you want to do or where you want to do it, the Promo Skin is ready to accommodate you.

Puneet Sahalot

Hi Chris,

“For example, email forms—despite the fact that they aren’t default components of the Skin—have been programmed to be responsive in the promo bar, sidebar, and even in the content column (after posts and pages).”

This truly shows the efforts you have put in to make it a “perfect” skin. And these minute details make it a skin worth every penny.

Rick van Vliet

Is this Promo skin license restricted to a limited number of sites, or can we use it (with a developer/pro license) on more than one site?


I would like to know the answer to this as well

Chris Pearson

Rick and Keith, there is no restriction to the number of sites on which you can use our add-on Skins. Wherever your Thesis license is valid, you’ll be able to deploy Promo.

Furthermore, you can even deploy Promo on clients’ sites at no extra charge (so long as you have a valid Client Site License for each site).

Rick van Vliet

Thanks very much! This is exactly what I was hoping for…and it makes sense now. I just hadn’t seen it spelled out. Thesis rocks. Thanks Chris.

Penni L. Smith

I was looking through the comments specifically to find this information. Might want to make that clear in your text. This definitely affects the value too (the previous discussion point). The cost is much more reasonable when it isn’t just for one site.

Chris Pearson

Thanks for the insight, Penni! We’ll work this into our sales information.

Rich O'Brien

I must say this really is the mutt’s nuts….Purchased….jaw dropped

Chris Pearson

Cheers, Rich!

Andrew Mooers

Will check out the new skins, looking for another platform to set up just land listings not just homes, houses and the four walls/roof. Thanks for the link!

Don Donadio

Much too little and much too late ahole.

Chris Pearson

You’re a class act all the way, Don.

Danielle Parsons

Just getting closed to finishing up the Classic Responsive skin on Thesis 2.1.2 site and now there are even more skins to choose from…..will have a look at the new Promo skin because I am always working on sites and new customers call.

Chris Pearson

Very cool, Danielle. Promo definitely has a more “specific” design than Classic Responsive, and that echoes the difference in how they were created.

The Classic Responsive Skin, which is an homage to the Thesis design of yore, was originally designed to be a solid starting point for just about any kind of design.

Promo, on the other hand, was designed in much the same way that you’d design a site for a client—it was supposed to look a specific way and serve a certain purpose.

Despite the difference in approach, I’m thrilled with how flexible and adaptable Promo is. Indeed, using only the included design and content options, you can create vastly different looks with Promo. Better still, with such powerful options at your fingertips, there’s no reason any two Promo sites have to look alike!

Mary Hutson

What about Gravity Forms? Are you 100% compatible with Gravity Forms and have you tested that?

Arafin Shaon

Though its quite cool but I was expecting more gorgeous looking skin from that!

Chris Pearson

The look of a particular design is subjective, Arafin. If Promo doesn’t hit the sweet spot for you, then perhaps our next Skin will.

Also, keep in mind that you can customize the heck out of the Promo Skin using the simple content and design controls. You may be able to achieve a look you prefer through very little effort.


A move in the right direction but a bit late.

Chris Pearson

Quality takes time, and I’m not willing to sacrifice quality in the name of getting things out simply to appease people.

Ypie Kingma

Great skin! Keep up the good work…

Chris Pearson

Thanks, Ypie! We’ve got a lot more good stuff like this in the works 😀

Anton Amoto

hey Chris this theme looks so promising! But one more thing before I click on the buy now button, how do I contact you to customize my optin form because I’m using GVO email provider? Is there a documentation about it? Please let me know.

Thank you,

Chris Pearson

Anton, we don’t have any official documentation on adding your own email optin forms yet, but the process goes something like this:

  1. Paste your form code into a text widget.
  2. Add a thesis_email_form class to the form element.
  3. Add an input_text class to the name and email input fields.
  4. Add an input_submit class to the submit input.
  5. Save your widget.

Pretty simple! And since the Promo Skin comes with widget areas in the sidebar, after posts, and after pages, you’ll be able to add forms in these high-converting locations using the technique described here.

Best of all, the forms will come out nicely styled because Promo already contains the CSS necessary to make them look great (and responsive, too!).


Nice. We use Thesis on one of our older websites, still works perfectly.

Chris Pearson

Igor, I encourage you to give Thesis 2 a try. It’s more optimized, flexible, and faster than Thesis 1, and I think you’ll like the new design controls, too.


Hi Chris,
i am waiting for the “personified” Skin. Is there a Date when he is downloadable?

Chris Pearson

Klaus, we don’t have a specific date for the release, but we are working on it now.


Thanks Chris for the new skin. You’re all doing a great job and I appreciate the crazy hard work. It’s not easy stuff you’re doing — you can’t please everyone, right!!! Can’t wait to see the new Skins coming out.


P.S. Is there a way to buy the Social Triggers Skin other than upgrading like the Promo Skin?

Chris Pearson

Jeff, at this time, there is not, but I am planning on making it available in similar fashion after tweaking it a bit to make it even more useful.

Expect the Pearsonified Skin to be released first, though.

Also, thanks for the kind words—it means a lot to us!


Thanks Chris, you and your team are fantastic.

Michael Salas

Hi Chris, I am one of those lucky folks who was an early adopter of Thesis!

Question: I am a real estate agent who would like to create a “Single Property Website” using the WordPress platform with a dedicated domain name. I love the idea of a gallery type home page featuring large, full-width images of the home with a minimum of type. The features and details of the home could unfold on the interior of the site. My skills are limited, so I like, “Easy.” Which of your products would best fit my needs? Should I wait for the next reveal?

If you know of any Single Property websites using your products, I would love to see them.

I heard you were on with Chris and Jimmy recently on their show, “Water Cooler.” I will have to catch it on You Tube. Those guys are a Hoot! Bet you had fun!

Thanks in advance for your response!

Chris Pearson

Michael, you could achieve (and I would recommend) a single-column home page with large images by using the Classic Responsive Skin. It has a simple design setting for a 1-column layout, and that would be perfect for this kind of application.

To get precisely the results you want, you’ll probably need to use the Thesis Skin Editor from time to time. This is a visual, drag-and-drop interface that you can use to exercise complete control over the content that appears on your site.

(Contrast the Thesis Skin Editor to other WordPress themes, which would force you to edit cryptic template files—and the associated code—in order to achieve similar results.)

As far as single property websites go, I’ve seen many of these in the past, but I don’t have any bookmarked at this time. From Thesis’ perspective, there’s not much difference between a single and multi-property site. Thesis can do both really well.

And yes, Water Cooler was a blast. My only regret is that I had so much more to say 😀


Could Soliloquay or another Responsive Slider be used? I know there’s a T2 capable slider out there with T2 boxes, I use it on

Chris Pearson

Sure, Tim. Pretty much any slider can be integrated with Thesis 2.


Looks great. can’t wait to give it a try.


Do you have any tutorials on customizing the promo skin once I buy it? Thanks Chris!

Chris Pearson

Mercedes, since customizations tend to be highly idiosyncratic—different people tend to want very different things—it’s hard to create effective tutorials that will really work for everyone.

That’s why Promo comes with two simple interface pages that you can use to customize your Skin with ease: The Content and Design options.

In the Content options, you can customize some of the Skin’s content, and we walk you through this process in the Getting Started guide.

In the Design options, you can customize the look of your Skin by using the various controls available to you. There’s a simple and fun color scheme picker, layout controls to determine the orientation and width of your content and sidebar, font controls, and even special options for your navigation menu and sidebar.

The Design options are all point-and-click, and you can’t hurt anything by playing around with them. So, I’d encourage you to try out the various options and see what kind of results you can get!

If you wish to customize Promo beyond the basic Skin options, Thesis has you covered there, too.

With the Custom CSS Editor, you can customize every detail of your design. Although Custom CSS involves code, Promo has been designed in such a way that it is easy and efficient to modify in this manner.

Better still, if you need help with your Custom CSS, our CSS Customizations forum is the most popular and active area in our support network. The Thesis community offers you an efficient way to get some help with idiosyncratic customizations.

Sirap Limau

Look! The Promo skin in action. Click the link to know more.


Hi Chris, I am amazed and fascinated by the work that you are doing!

I just got Thesis some days ago – Professional package. I tried to use Classical skin and so far it looks pretty bland. I wonder whether getting a Promo skin will help me to create a beautiful and functional web site quicker – i certainly need an opt in box and a landing page.

Or may be it is the lack of skill that prevents me from building a great web site with the Classical skin. Then the next step would be probably to make somebody to help me with it. Are there any examples of the sites built with Classical skin? There are probably no examples of the Promo skin web sites yet. Thank you for your support and looking forward for you advice.

Chris Pearson

Oxana, it sounds like the Promo Skin is the style of design you’re looking for, and because it contains built-in support for email signup forms as well as a custom landing page template, I think it’s the perfect choice for starting your website.

Finally, see examples of the Promo Skin in action here, here, here, and here.

Emil Moldovan

I want to switch from my current theme and framework to Thesis which looks very promising to me. However, I have some questions before hitting the “buy” button :-).

The one that I would like to have a first answer on is:

Would this plugin: Hybrid Connect work with Thesis MailChimp Box? Or if it cannot be connected with the MailChimp Box, will it work correctly with Thesis using the text widgets? I love the ability this plugin gives me to customize optin forms and split-testing them.

Chris Pearson

Emil, since I have no experience with the Hybrid Connect Plugin, I cannot speak with certainty about whether or not it will work with the Thesis MailChimp Box.

I suspect it will not work without some modification, but that’s only because the MailChimp Box spits out its own form code (and Hybrid Connect uses its own form code and serves up different versions of it for split testing).

I do, however, think Hybrid Connect will work with text widgets, so you can almost certainly go this route. Even better, you’ll be able to add simple CSS classes to your forms and easily integrate them into your design.


Hi there,

is it possible to integrate Sliders from 3rd party programmers? I have a responsive Slider here which can also show video etc. (in the sidebar on my website)

I’d buy the promo skin if both work together properly….

Thanks in advance!

Chris Pearson

Keno, integrating sliders from 3rd party programmers is pretty much identical to this process with other WordPress themes.

In some cases, designers/developers have built Thesis Boxes that make this process easier, but given how many different sliders are out there, there’s no guarantee that someone has built a Box for your preferred slider yet.

Finally, here’s an example of a site that’s using the Promo Skin with a 3rd party slider, and I think it looks great!


Hey Chris,

thanks a lot!

I will try it and show you the results later:-).

Cheers and thanks!


Hi Chris

I am at the start of creating a searchable business directory. The businesses offer promotions that will be exclusive to our members (they can become member through the site as well as offline)

It must be responsive and there will be many customizing needed to get stuff like search results as for example here on yellow pages (

I really like the way one is able to create ones own page templates with ease…

i was stubborn and thought i would be better of with Genesis and Dynamik theme, as they show way more great, complete and finished themes with what can be done…

reality is, it is way harder to accomplish it in that framework and you’d still need 3rd party theming… or one should be familiar with coding php etc.

so back to Thesis where it all began for me 🙂

But back to the beginning, would it be best for me to start out with the classic responsive and go from there to accomplish my needs?

It is hard to tell the big difference in that theme and the promo skin because other than a promo banner and some styling they don’t seem so far apart.

and i would need to do a lot anyway like creating directory pages, the way the search results would display, with thumb image, location etc…

I like to hear your opinion

cheers Carlo

Chris Pearson

Carlo, in this case, it really doesn’t matter which Skin you start with. You should choose a starting Skin based on how close it is to the final design/structure that you’re looking for (this will save you some HTML and CSS work).

No matter which Skin you use, you’ll be able to drag and drop the various elements you need into place, and that will solve the problem you’ve encountered with other themes (“reality is, it is way harder to accomplish it in that framework and you’d still need 3rd party theming… or one should be familiar with coding php etc.”).


Hi Chris

– i want a full width skin actually (logo (left) and nav (right) side-by-side
– below this i want to have the revolution slider (full width)
– below this i want to have a search box for keyword/cat/city also with full width background
– below this will be the content area (max width around 1008?)
— here i probably won’t use sidebars
— i will need to be able to put content in (2) columns
– below this i will need a full width widgetized footer

so would best option to be starting with promo skin? Or would i be just as much work to start out with classic responsive?


Chris Pearson

Sounds like the Promo Skin is right for you. It contains full-width elements, satisfies your logo/nav requirements, and comes with landing page and no sidebars templates that you’ll be able to use to achieve the outcomes you want.



1 more question about the promo skin.

would it be possible to have the logo at left and the “hamburger” menu right of it when viewing on tablet or smartphone?

now it centralizes but i’d like it to be left and right on 1 line (like this example: and without the word “menu”

Is that an option that can be fairly easy to customize or not?

thanks again…

cheers Carlo

Chris Pearson

Carlo, these types of customizations are possible with a bit of Custom CSS and the use of a simple content filter for your navigation menu. You can get specific help on both of these things in our support forums.


Looks nice, can’t wait to try it and write about it 🙂


I bought the skin but on my blog Main page (a static page I use for a home page) are the words “An example: Your SEO optimized title page contents”. This appears to be section above the Header and the Promo Text box. For the life of of me, I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Any help would be great!

Chris Pearson

Hi Roger,

Nothing in Thesis outputs that text, so I’m guessing it’s coming from a plugin (an SEO plugin, perhaps?).

If you’re just starting out with this site, you really don’t need a separate plugin for SEO because Thesis contains everything you need to create and run a completely optimized website.

I recommend disabling your plugins one-by-one to see if this removes the unwanted text. If you need additional help on this matter, please don’t hesitate to drop a note in our forums (login required) where we can assist you further.


The promo skin looks really nice.

I am just about to get Thesis for my personal blog and would love to try the theme on it. Thanks for sharing the article with us 🙂

Some Dude

Awesome theme Chris, keep up the good work! No complains at all so far 🙂 cheers!


Well, the promo skin is just exceptional! Great work. Cheers 🙂

David Bennett


You can see the theme running on Neatly Pressed.

Emily Lieberman

Hi Chris,

I have a wordpress website in Hebrew, do you support RTL (right to left) so i can use it on my hebrew sites??

Chris Pearson

Emily, absolutely!

Emily Lieberman

Yey! could you let me know how to configure it to RTL?

Chris Pearson

Check out this tutorial from WPML, which is an authoritative resource for this kind of thing.


Looks awesome.

Thesis rocks, as always!


Will you be adding support for getresponse ?

Chris Pearson

James, yes indeed. We are currently working on revamping our Email Optin Boxes, and we’ve already completed support for GetResponse. Our new, all-inclusive Email Optin Box will be available in early 2014.

Marko Hamel

Hi Guys,

I purchased the Promo Skin and I love it. Especially the fonts are nice. At the moment I am busy designing my new website based on the Promo Skin – and it is real fun.

However, will there be any native support for mailpoet (formerly known: Wysija) in the future?

All the best,

Chris Pearson

Marko, at this time, we have no plans to add native support for mailpoet. In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the service 😀


Thesis has gone wrong somewhere, I don’t know why but the focus is now to churn out updates faster, because the core philosophy is lost. This is a big issue. All thesis updates have some issue or the other, the previous one sent category description missing and now there is a bigger issue of category duplication.

Check this –

See how categories are coming! With those numbers! This is from the drop down. Please look into this thesis error.

Chris Pearson

faisal, the recent updates were in response to a bug in WordPress in version 3.8. Thesis hasn’t gone off the rails; WordPress has, and the problem won’t be fully fixed until WordPress 3.8.1 (assuming the dev team chooses to include the linked bug in the next update).


Love the Promo Skin. Before I buy it though, I was wondering if there is any way I could talk you into adding LinkedIn to the supported social media sites? Thanks.

Chris Pearson

Hi Jaremy, adding a LinkedIn icon is on the development schedule for the next Promo update. It should be available by the end of January, 2014.


Awesome! Thanks!

Aidan Hammond

Hello, are there any further updates on the LinkedIn icon availability?

Chris Pearson

Aidan, we have not yet completed the next round of Skin updates referenced above, but one new development since my last comment here is this:

We’ll be producing a set of Widgets that will essentially take the place of built-in Skin functionality for things like social media profiles, email signup forms, etc.

These Widgets are reliant upon functionality that will exist in Thesis 2.2, which is under construction now. (And I don’t have any information regarding a timeline here, but we are hustling to get it done.)

Serah Singh

Thanks for Promo Skin. I’ve read my positive reviews about Thesis Theme. I would love to use this on my personal website.


Nice work!!, its all looking good can’t wait to try it out properly myself

Jon Morgan

Do your themes support all the plugins, such as the yaost seo plugins? Thanks

Chris Pearson

Jon, Thesis supports as many Plugins as possible, but this is something of a loaded question. For example, if a Plugin is coded in a very idiosyncratic way, it may not work with Thesis right out of the box, and it could require some simple tweaking to Thesis *or* the Plugin in order to work properly.

For example, Yoast SEO requires small tweaks to Thesis for full compatibility. The same is true for WooCommerce and other ecommerce Plugins, which tend to be far more complicated than your average Plugin.

Most Plugins, however, work right out of the box with Thesis and don’t require any special treatment.

Eric Bakker

Hi Chris,
I’m currently running a WP site on a shared server. I want your Thesis Classic Responsive theme but also like the Promo skin. Are they two separate purchases? I’m a newbie, but don’t know the answer to this (probably dumb) question: Do I need to install WP again to run another WP site from my shared server? Or can I run two WP themes (two different sites) from the one installation?
Also, I have Interspire email marketer which I love, can this be integrated in Thesis? I see it supports AWeber, etc.

Chris Pearson

Eric, every Thesis license comes with the Classic Responsive Skin, but the Promo Skin is sold separately.

Next, if you run WordPress MultiSite (and if your host allows you to do so), you can run multiple sites from a single WordPress installation. If you are unable to run WordPress MultiSite on your server, you can always install WordPress multiple times to achieve the same effect.

Finally, although we don’t have any “done for you” Boxes to support Interspire Email Marketer, it’s really easy to integrate this yourself. We can help you through this process in our forums, too.

Eric Bakker

Hi Chris, that’s great. What would be better for me – Classic Response Skin, OR Promo? I’m a writer of health books and want to create a long-copy sales page and include this sales page on my WP blog site, which will have around a lot of posts on it in multiple categories. If I purchase Classic Response Skin, and Promo, I take it I have choice of either? What is the benefit of the one over the other? Thanks in advance.

Chris Pearson

In the most basic sense, Classic Responsive and Promo are just different designs. Both come with landing page templates that would be suitable for your long-copy sales page, so the one you use ultimately comes down to personal preference.

All of our Skins have different features, and you may find that one Skin has a feature set that’s more closely aligned with your goals. Promo, for example, comes with more custom templates than the Classic Responsive Skin, and it also has simpler (but possibly more striking) design options.

The beauty of Thesis is that you are never stuck with just one Skin. You can use a particular Skin right now, and then you can switch to a different one in the future.

With Thesis, you can switch between Skins with the confidence that your major assets—Google Analytics tracking, SEO information, email lists, etc.—are all fully integrated, no matter which Skin you choose. After setting this stuff up once, you’ll never have to touch it again. No other theme can do that.

Finally, Thesis gives you confidence, because its interface pages are the same regardless of your Skin. This means that once you get used to Thesis, you’ll be a savvy operator with any Skin you might want to use.


I rolled out Promo and am glad I did. A couple things I’d like to see are:

1) a 3/4 column widgetized footer;

2) better/more detailed drop down customization of:
a) widgets
b) navbar
c) interior borders such as those between excerpts on blog page for the byline

3) drop down customization of hyperlinks

4) breadcrumbs box (for Thesis 2.1.7)

5) a way to display boxes within the promo bar (such as a +1 box)

6) On a blog post, a away for the category to be shown as “Category: Category Name” instead of showing the folder icon then the Category Name. The reason is that the icon is hard to understand and users more easily understand the word “Category” and that would probably lead to higher click-through rates helping them find articles of same category.

Sohil Memon

A fantastic promo skin man! It’s really an awesome work. Love the design thoroughly. Keep it up!

Eric Bakker

Thanks for clarifying all my questions Chris. So it looks like I just need Thesis then and not to worry about Promo just yet.
I want to run Thesis on several new WP sites, so I’ll get the Professional version I think. My current website was a custom job by a freelancer, it is a customized and a child theme of Twenty Eleven. Can I convert this easily to Thesis? This is my last question Chris, next question I will post after I purchase the Pro version.
Kind Regards, Eric

Chris Pearson

Eric, converting an existing theme into a Thesis Skin (or, alternatively, adapting an existing Skin design into a different theme design) is a fairly involved process that generally requires someone with design and implementation expertise.

For now, the path of least resistance is to start with one of our existing Skin designs.

Erica Wilson

Absolutely Amazing. Thank you for creating such a user friendly interface with such accurate color options. I can safely say you guys never seace to amaze me. Also I appreciate all the hard work you and your colleagues have done to crack the code of the computer drop out. Absolutely Amazing. Peace. (I will be sure to get thesis as soon as poss)

Serge Van Cauwenbergh

I bought the Promo Skin earlier this week. I’m testing it on my localhost at home and so far I’m really impressed. Very nice skin! I need to tweak it just a little before it can go live on my blog. Won’t be too long.



I tried to purchase Thesis Prof just now. Although you state that one doesn’t need a Paypal account, there seems to be no way to get around making one. Exept from then usual (cardnumer etc) I will have to leave phonenumber, password etc. I want nothing to do with Paypal but am willing to pay bij credit card or any other way.

Chris Pearson

Hi Bert,

On the PayPal checkout screen, you should see a link to pay by credit card only. You do not need to leave a phone number or password if you choose this option.

Chris Guthrie

I believe the really hard work and time I spend on my business is worth nothing.

Likewise the really hard work and time you spend on your business should be worth nothing as well.

So this theme should be free……….

Obviously these statements are idiotic and frankly I’d just delete the applicable freebie seeker comments above.

I just (gladly) paid the $57 and will be using the theme on a brand new website I’m working on. Frankly I think you guys should have a premium theme club membership or start putting out new premium themes every single month. Something like that.