Thesis 2 Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from a previous version of Thesis 2?

Look for the yellow update nag at the top of your WordPress admin pages or watch this video on how to use Thesis 2’s auto update feature.

Auto updates do not work on localhost installations or on IP-based URLs, such as http://xx.xx.xx.xx/~yourname.

Upgrading from a 1.x version of Thesis?

Your existing Thesis 1.x design will not be converted for use in Thesis 2. When you activate Thesis 2, it will run a Skin called Classic Responsive that looks similar to the legacy Thesis 1.x default design. This new design is not only responsive, but it also contains innovative design options that will blow you away.

Also, Thesis 2 will make use of your old SEO data, and you’ll benefit from even better control over your site’s optimization.

After you activate Thesis 2, you will always be able to re-activate version 1.x at any time, and all your settings will be intact.