The DIYthemes Affiliate Program is Live

by Chris Pearson · 58 comments

Thesis WordPress theme

Normally, I try to avoid the use of terrible puns, but in this case, I can’t resist. It’s a sad fact that most methods of monetization on the Web don’t make cents. Actually, that’s not entirely true—all they make is cents, and therein lies the problem.

If you’re going to use valuable real estate on your site to host ads or promote a product, then you need to be getting some sort of return for your sacrifice. Now, you may know that affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online, but in order to really drive home the returns as an affiliate, you need to cover two key bases:

  • First, make sure you’re promoting something that you genuinely like! People are equipped with remarkable crap filters, and if you’re just out to make a buck, they’re going to know it.
  • Second, you need to promote a quality product. An affiliate program can offer you unbelievable payouts, but if no one buys the product, you won’t earn a dime.

So, why am I talking about all this? Starting today, the DIYthemes affiliate program is alive and kickin’, and now you have the chance to earn back those license fees you paid out when you signed up for Thesis. In fact, I think you’ll probably earn a heck of a lot more, simply because so many of you have been so genuine and enthusiastic with your responses to the theme. That type of attitude sells like crazy, and I hope you’ll consider leveraging that to build up your cash flow!

In order to get started, all you need to do is sign up for the free DIYthemes affiliate program. Hope to see you on the “affiliates” list soon!

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. You should follow him on Twitter here.

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Was curious if this would ever happen… This is awesome Chris!

It definitely is a lot easier to promote something you believe in and Thesis is one that I do. Thanks so much!


Very excited about this – further incentive to spread the good word!


Awesome! This is the best Wordpress theme I have ever used. I believed in this theme so much I bought it. I was nervous at first after investing money into this theme, but today, the support and community have made that decision a worthwhile one. I can only hope more people buy into this great theme. This theme is worth every penny!


This is a great news. I’m personally satisfied with Thesis and I’m more than confident to promote it to my readers.

Thanks for this opp.


Offered this at the PostAffiliate control panel through email system – thought I would offer here as well –

Joined affiliate and wrote article to review product. Article Marketer will not process and offers this:

Problem Noted…

Most article directories disallow the use of question marks with the URL in your HTML About the Author box. It’s best to use a landing page redirect on your site. Point to a specific URL on your site, then redirect readers to the page you have in mind. This resolves the issue for the article banks, and still allows you to use the dynamic URL you want.

Is it possible to get a clean, simple affiliate link (like clickbank) in plain text?

Thanks for a great theme. There are product review stories awaiting approval at ezinearticles and goarticles as we speak.


Thanks Chris 🙂 I am there and I am planning to purchase thesis theme .. I am addicted to ti 😉 check my post

Kelly from Almost Frugal

Me, me! I’m signing up! Thesis is a great theme, and I’m always delighted to spread the word. Plus I get a ton of referral traffic from this site, so I’m happy to reciprocate.


Chris, I love the idea of an affiliate program. However, after signing up, the confirmation e-mail with the initial password never arrived. I’ll try signing up again.

The affiliate graphic looks nice, but do you have other sizes? It’d be nice if I could pop one in a 125×125 slot.


I’ve got the Thesis’s badge of honor proudly flying on my sidebar, glittering like the golden sun.

Chris Pearson

Rob — Thanks for the articles! Hopefully, a future release of Post Affiliate Pro will allow for a URL that doesn’t include wonky characters.

Kelly — Thanks very much!

BlogMediaGroup3 — You can grab the 125×125 affiliate banner from this post or from within the “Banners” section of the affiliate control panel.


I earned my first commission yesterday. : )

Chris Pearson

Lisa — Congrats! Receiving those affiliate sale notification emails is always a good time.


Hi, Chris! Thanks for the email. I’m interested in the program, I’ve tried to sign up, but I’m not able to get the banner, did I do something wrong? By the way, If you don’t mind, It would be very nice if I can design a banner in Spanish, I think it would work better with my readers…

Chris Pearson

Jorge — Are you able to log into the DIYthemes affiliate panel? If not, I may need to re-send your username and password, so please let me know. Once you log in, you should be able to download the banners; or if you like, you can simply grab the image I used in this post as an affiliate banner.

Also, please feel free to create your own graphics to promote Thesis! I think a Spanish-language banner is a fantastic idea, and I absolutely encourage you to make one if you think it will help you connect with your audience.


I wouldn’t recommend asking for SSN on an insecure form. You should use https if you want that info.


I need help!! help help help! I need to do things on my theme and I cant find how to do them!! I dont know css so i need help PLEASEEEEEEEE


Hi Chris,

I would like to use your theme as a base for my financial blog. I however, need a lot of changes to be incorporated.

I shall be glad if you are willing to take this project? pls let me know at my e-mail address.

Best regards, OP


Chris: I signed up a few days ago, but never received an email so I still can’t log in. Please advise. Thanks!

Jennifer Lynn

Hi Chris,

I tried to purchase Thesis and received this message from Paypal
“This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”


Chris Pearson

Jennifer — I moved across the country recently, and PayPal has now put my account on hold until I can verify my new address. I’ve got an inside guy over there who I hope can help me resolve this within the hour.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and sorry you have to deal with the inconvenience!

Jennifer Lynn

It’s ok, Chris. Thanks for the quick response. I just wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong. Have fun with your move! I’ll check back in a bit and will keep trying until they resolve it.

Sister Julie

Hi Chris,
Great theme, great website. Had the same problem as Jennifer. I’ll keep checking back too — looking forward to using Thesis. Finally a theme that feels like the blog I’ve been writing for 2+ years. I appreciate your attention to detail and your art of code.

Chris Pearson

Jennifer, Sister Julie — I’ve just finished putting a temporary solution in place, so for now, the PayPal thing ought to be resolved. Thanks for your patience!

Sister Julie

Works great — payment went through quickly and now Thesis is available in my account. Thanks for the quick fix.

Jennifer Lynn

Yay! It worked beautifully. Thanks so much, Chris.

Todor Christov

Hello Chris,

A couple of days ago I opted in for the affiliate program but until now have received no e-mail confirmation with affiliate link.

Decided to drop a line just to let you know. Should I make another registration?

Regards, Todor


Chris, you’re no longer in NC? I can hardly wait for your mag theme; keeping checking for an announcement like the kid looking for new presents under the tree. 😉

Chris Pearson

BlogMediaGroup3 — I never was in NC, but I am originally from Kentucky. The next big announcement you’ll see here is Thesis 1.1, which is more of a stocking stuffer that should keep you occupied until the magazine theme hits the streets.

Jay Thompson

Chris wrote, “You can grab the 125×125 affiliate banner from this post or from within the “Banners” section of the affiliate control panel.”

I seem to have deleted my original affiliate email and have no idea how to get to the “affiliate control panel”.

Can anyone help?

Jay Thompson

Disregard the comment above (#29), I found it!

Ian Parker

Thanks for putting the program in place, Chris. This is a great tool for getting the word out there and generating sales with a little kickback to the early adopters and supporters.


Hi there,

I´d like to buy & try.

If I can´t test the usability, it´s hard to see, if I can use the theme. Also because on copyblogger, he says, that there a 1/2/3 column option, which I don´t find in your descriptions, so I have to see. Also, I´d like to know, if I can translate it into german.

Is there a money back possibility?


Wow!!! After Thesis 1.1 I can’t wait to see Cosmo!!

Kingdom Geek

Chris – I’m not currently in a situation where I can do a video intro to Thesis’ backend, but Thesis’ options are quite accessible. If you do find that you require assistance, I’m always happy to provide it on the support forums.

And yes, 1.1 does have a very simple design panel that allows you to choose between 3, 2, or 1 columns, including all the widths of all columns.

When one column is chosen, the sidebars are presented below the content, just above the footer. It’s all very awesome.

Unfortunately, using 1 column results in the loss of the multimedia box. Chris is considering ways to include the multimedia box in the 1-column layout for future releases.


Potentially dumb question: Does the DIYThemes affiliate program end when the Thesis deal ends tomorrow night?

Kingdom Geek

As I understand it, the affiliate program is an ongoing thing and is considered by Chris a very important part of the DIY Themes community.

Were Chris in it just to make a profit, we may see strange decisions to strip users of the ability to earn money by referring others to Thesis. I happen to know, though, that Chris is out to produce the best product(s) around, that he cares about his users, and that he is glad to reward them for their faithfulness to his work(s).

Dave Fowler

I don’t know if it helps you Chris but I’m a total novice when it comes to blogging. I’ve tried a couple of other premium themes before and got totally discouraged – at least until I bought Thesis.

Like you I was concerned about buying because I was worried about throwing more money away, but I’m glad I went ahead now. Thesis is easily superior to the other paid themes I’ve tried, especially, if like me, you have no experience.

I would also add that the support is fantastic. Kingdom Geek is incredibly helpful on the forum, just as he has been above

I hope you decide to buy, you won’t regret it.

All the best.

Chris Pearson

Chris — I’ll be covering the new layout constructor in detail in a post that will hit your feed reader tomorrow. You are subscribed to the Thesis feed, right?

Matt — No, the DIYthemes affiliate program is here for the duration.

Dave — Thanks for the genuine props! Also, thanks to Kingdom Geek for being a stone-cold ninja over in the forums!


Hi, I just brought the thesis theme with the Black Friday discount and signed up for the affiliate program. I received the thesis account info, however, still have not received the confirmation email for the affiliation program. I tried signing up again with another email address (the same one that i used here) but no confirmation email too. How long does it usually take?


How do we check to see affiliate sales balance earned? Can’t find any link to this on the forum, or on the demo site. Thanks, EJ

Gregory Burrus

Now this makes big sense to me. I just purchased it and after using some shall we say much more expensive themes – Thesis Theme for WordPress – really rocks. Great configuration capabilities. I love it and so will my website development customers.


Hi! I’ve been trying to sign up for the affiliate program, but the form won’t accept my username. No matter what I write it says:
This username already exists, choose different one

Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

Chris Pearson

James — Did you try the affiliate sign up form on this page? If you’re still stumped, give me a shout at diythemes [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’ll make sure you get signed up.


Hey Chris,

I shot you an email a few days ago, but haven’t heard back yet. I haven’t had any luck signing up yet, so if you can help, please do!

Thanks. 🙂


Link doesn’t work. Where can I join?

Chris Pearson

Scott, I updated the links in the post, so you’ll be able to sign up now. If that still doesn’t work for you, simply visit the DIYthemes homepage and click on the affiliate link at the bottom.


Looks like a great affiliate program, I’ll have to check it out.


I forgot my username/password and I can’t find a way anywhere to get signed it. It is not emailing me my password, even though it says it did, I do not know what email it may be going to.
How do I get in?

Lawrence S. Miller

I am very interested in the affiliate program.

There is a big, bad bear between me and your program. I have been burned by PayFiend, so I don’t use them at all for anything ever. Leaving my problem with them aside, I find they offer no service I, and anyone I deal with, can’t do better for ourselves. Google and Amazon have figured that out, and so have many other worthwhile affiliate companies.

I hope you are going to offer a straightforward direct bank deposit option for your affiliates soon. Why should Payfiend get a commission on our business. They don’t do anything for us to earn it that we can’t do better ourselves.

Until then: I will sit this one out.



I recently bought the Thesis theme, and tried to sign up for the affiliate program. When I filled out the form, I got an error message saying that my e-mail address was already signed up.

So I tried to log in with that e-mail address and got another error that my login info was incorrect. I’ve tried every permutation of my password I can think of, and it won’t work. So I sent a password request to DIYThemes using the link provided, but never received an e-mail.

I even tried signing up using another e-mail address, but never received an e-mail confirmation for that address either.

I’ve checked my spam filter, and there are no e-mails from DIYThemes.

I sent this same message to your affiliates e-mail address — no reply for several weeks. I don’t know any other way to get in contact except to post a comment here. Hopefully I’ll receive a response from here.


Finally I am satisfied with the way my blogs look. I used many themes that came kinda close to what I was looking for. Thesis made it possible for me to create exactly what my kind of theme. This is an awesome program.
Thank you.