Community Roundup: Thesis Skins, Designers, and Developers

by Chris Pearson · 96 comments

As you know, we’ve been on fire for the last month and a half with the release of Thesis 2.1, a fresh new home page, the Social Triggers Skin, and the forthcoming Pearsonified Skin.

But we aren’t the only ones who’ve been crushing it.

Some of the power users in the Thesis community have been hard at work on their own Skins, too.

Today, I’ll introduce you to a few of them, and I’ll also highlight some Thesis designers/developers who can help you take your site to the next level.

Third-party Thesis Skins for Every Kind of Site

Looking for the perfect design for your Thesis site? There’s a Skin for that, and if we haven’t built the precise one for your needs yet, someone else in the Thesis community probably has.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the movers and shakers who are creating Thesis 2.1-ready Skins that you can use right now.


A longtime fixture in the Thesis Skin scene, Kolakube is responsible for Marketer’s Delight, a highly detailed, responsive Skin that is focused on generating leads and converting sales opportunities.

Under the talented direction of Alex Mangini (who is a Thesis master), Marketer’s Delight has grown to include a suite of drag-and-drop tools that make it easy to:

  • add custom leads (like a feature box, email signup form, or even a video) to any page
  • add eye-catching elements like rounded “orb leads” (which look just like the big circles on the DIYthemes home page)
  • create fully-customized, unique landing pages that include persuasive design elements…without any code!

Themedy Themes

The Hodder brothers (Matt and Mark) may have more experience than anyone else on this list when it comes to creating Skins, child themes, and custom WordPress designs.

And that’s why it’s no surprise that their company, Themedy Themes, offers an impressive array of nine different Thesis 2.1-ready Skins tailored to specific purposes.

No matter what kind of site you want to run, Themedy Themes has a Skin that will not only suit your needs, but also make you look damn good in the process.

(And be sure to check out the new Splash and Readyfolio 2 Skins—I know you’re gonna dig ’em!)

BYOB Website

Rick Anderson, who is the man behind BYOB Website and also the best Thesis teacher on the planet, has created a collection of Thesis resources that includes some seriously powerful Skins.

Although most of BYOB Website’s resources require a membership to download and use, some of them—like a version of the Agility Skin—can be downloaded for free.

Rick builds his Skins with maximum flexibility in mind, and this gorgeous site serves as a jaw-dropping testament to the malleability of the Agility Skin.

Nina Cross Design

Longtime Thesis veteran Nina Cross is opening a new Skin and design customization studio, and she’s offering an exclusive pre-launch discount for people who sign up to her email list before September 10.

For a sample of Nina’s work, check out this customization she did for Jenny Blake (running Thesis 2, naturally). Suffice it to say, I’m really looking forward to her upcoming Skins!

More Promising Skin Shops

Here’s another shop focused on cranking out Thesis 2.1-ready Skins:

  • WP Thesis Skins — Sakthi offers a ton of Thesis Skins with various looks that should appeal to just about everyone.

Thesis 2 Designers and Developers

For many years, we’ve highlighted Thesis designers and developers here on the blog, but today, I’d like to introduce you to a few design and development studios that are focusing on Thesis 2 customizations.

As I mentioned above, both Nina Cross and Puneet Sahalot provide custom design services for Thesis, but they’re not the only talented people rocking Thesis 2.

Next, if you’re looking for a custom small business website built on the incomparable Thesis 2 engine, you should check out Richard Barratt’s design studio, Richer Image.

For savvy, responsive web design and development with a focus on marketing and conversions, look no further than Smarter, who recently released a picture-perfect design for England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike.

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to perhaps the most active Thesis 2 designer on the planet today, Paul Suntup and his studio, ZelCreative. Check out these three killer designs, but I’m warning ya—you’ll want to hire Paul for your next project!

Know of Any Other Great Skins or Designers?

If so, give ’em a shout out in the comments! Also be sure to share any awesome Thesis 2 customizations you’ve spotted out in the wild.

And who knows—if you link me something really gorgeous, I just might have to post it on Twitter 😀

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. You should follow him on Twitter here.

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How much does a custom thesis skin cost, on an average..

Chris Pearson

Dinsan, prices are highly variable based on what the Skin is designed to do.

Marketer’s Delight, for instance, contains quite a few purpose-built design tools for marketers, and thus, it comes with a price tag of $67 (which I think is too low).

Still other Skins are free, and as you might expect, they generally have fewer features than a purpose-built theme like Marketer’s Delight.

The bottom line? There isn’t a set price for Skins, and the cost could range anywhere from free to exceedingly expensive, depending on what the Skin is designed to do.

Reeses Thesis

Great list, Chris. I use skins from three of the designers listed here. ALL are different but awesome for what I need on a per site basis.

Richard Barratt

Thank you for the mention, Chris 🙂

Paul Suntup

Ditto that… Thanks for the mention Chris. 🙂

Chris Pearson

Paul, Richard, and Reese—thank YOU for your excellent work and your enthusiasm for Thesis. It means more to me than you know 😀


Marketing Delight is really a nice one. Have used it even before Thesis 2.0 and love it.

Puneet Sahalot

Thanks for the mention, Chris! Glad to be a part of the community 🙂


Puneet, I have used several of your skins and love them.

Puneet Sahalot

Glad to hear that, Paul.
Will be coming up with more Skins.

Jupiter Jim


I enjoyed your live interview on the webinar with Rick Anderson, the Master at Teaching All Things Thesis, the other day!

You’ve provided a great list of Thesis skin developers here. Right now, I only use skins developed by The Hodder brothers from Canada, but am looking forward to checking some of the others on this list out!

Love Thesis 2.1 !!!

So glad that I and many others kept the faith!


Jupiter Jim Landers

Chris Pearson

So glad that I and many others kept the faith!

Me too, Jim!

We’ve finally reached a point where we can crank up the benefits to Thesis users on a consistent basis, and we’re really looking forward to being able to help more people make even better websites.

Arafin Shaon

WPThesisSkins and NXThemes skins are quite promising and MD3 is amazing skins ever!

Chris Langille

Having personally worked with Alex, Nina and Richard I can say Thesis has some very bright designers/devs behind it! Lovin’ me some Thesis!

Nina Cross

You’re the man, Chris! I appreciate the kind words 🙂


Ditto! 😀

Jupiter Jim

In case anyone is interested, I do want to mention that I have only used skins from Themedy for over a year now. The code is clean and the Hodder brothers will always give you an answer to your questions on the forum within 24 hours and many times within the same day. They’re on the East Coast of Canada, so you can know the times zones. Such great skins and great customer service.

Also, the skins are always kept up to date with the latest version of Thesis. They’ve done such great work and provided such great service, I felt it incumbent upon myself to give them a big pat on the back and little plug here. Hope you don’t mind.

Chris Pearson

I don’t mind at all! In fact, I’m grinning from ear to ear over the fact that such solid people put their creative efforts into Thesis Skins.

I’m the very definition of a “proud papa” right now 😀

Sonny Brunson

Hey Chris,
I have been following Thesis for a long time, and you lost me at 2.0 but I’m planning on jumping back in headfirst with 2.1 so it’s cool to see what others have accomplished with your framework. All the designs look great, but more importantly they are FAST! Keep up the great works guys.

On a side note,
So it looks like Thesis Love and NxThemes both sell the “Vocation” skin. Who was the original author? Am I trapped in an affiliate loop?



Chris Pearson

Sonny, I’m so glad to see that you’re still open to the prospects of what Thesis 2 has to offer! I’m confident that we’ll hit the sweet spot for ya 😀

Also, regarding the Vocation Skin, I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’ll try to get to the bottom of that today (and thanks for the heads-up).

Reeses Thesis

Thesis Love is the creator of the Vocation skin. WPNXThemes is the new site for NXThemes’ skins for purchase.

Both of these guys have been cranking out some good lookin’ designs

Raaj Trambadia


It’s ThesisLove (me) who developed Vocation.

NXThemes is simply promoting the skin as an affiliate. The buttons on NXThemes link to ThesisLove from where the skin can be purchased.

Hope it makes sense now.

Raaj Trambadia

Samuel Nieves

I may be wrong, but very few developers are actually incorporating the use of Schema markup in their themes.

ThesisLove seems to have been the only developer incorporating the markup in their code.

Chris Pearson

You’ve got a keen eye, Samuel. I’ll have to do some outreach to help Skin developers take advantage of everything Thesis has to offer.


Nice job, looks like Thesis 2.1 is going to be well supported this time.

The one thing I would like to see are a variety of skin options for photography/graphics portfolio and gallery sites. Have never seen this from Thesis, yet this is a hugely popular category of sites.

Betsy Morgan

Curious why the Thesis 2.customization looks so horrible on iphone 5? Isn’t Thesis a true responsive theme? I’m confused.

Chris Pearson

Betsy, Thesis is just an engine, so it cannot be “responsive” in the sense that you are referring to here. Thesis Skins, on the other hand, can indeed be responsive if the designer chooses to make them so.

Jenny Blake’s site is a custom Thesis 2 Skin that is not responsive.

Official Thesis Skins from DIYthemes, however, will always be responsive.

I anticipate that Nina Cross’ Thesis Skins will be responsive, too.


Curious to know what’s up with your iPhone Betsy? It looks bloody great on mine!

Chris Pearson

I think she just wants the text to be bigger and not have to zoom in on various parts of the page.

Bilal Ahmad

Chirs, can Thesis Basic users purchase the SocialTriggers Skin? If yes then from where and if NO then do you have any plans for it.

Chris Pearson

Bilal, at this time, the Social Triggers Skin is only available as a bonus to Thesis Professionals. We will probably keep this as an exclusive bonus to entice people to upgrade their licenses.

Danielle Parsons

Great list of talented designers Chris! I have to admit I am just getting my feet wet when it comes to implementing Thesis 2.1 and the Classic Responsive Skins. One minute I want all my social media buttons visible in the header and then I change my mind to create a custom header image…….decisions….

I am thrilled to get ideas about how I can integrate my business websites with some of the designs these skilled developers are producing.

Chris Pearson

Danielle, one of the coolest things about Thesis 2 is the Skin Preview Mode, which allows you to see how your site looks with a particular Skin while your visitors continue to see your Current Skin (in your case, this is Classic Responsive).

Using the Skin Preview Mode, you could activate any of these third-party Skins—and even tweak it precisely to your specifications—without affecting your current design.

This will allow you to integrate your business’ needs into any Skin without having to do so on the fly. Then, when you’re completely ready to switch to a new Skin, you’ll be able to proceed with confidence because you will have already worked out the kinks.

Keith Jones

Chris, just so I am absolutely clear on this if you have a 1.8.5 site you can install 2.1.2. Display 1.8.5 and work on 2.1.2 in preview mode with Classic Responsive until you have your new design complete then throw the switch to display 2.1.2.

I have just taken over some sites with non-Thesis themes which are going to need updating, I presume that the same applies to them.

Chris Pearson

Keith, that is NOT correct. Only Thesis 2 contains the Preview Skin Mode, and this operation is only available when moving between Thesis Skins (and technically, Skins only work with T2+).


I’m glad you updated the list of designers. At least half of the previous list offered no way to contact them.

Can Thesis 2.1 be used as is, without buying a skin, or is it so plain one must design over top of it?


Chris Pearson

PCRoger, Thesis 2.1 comes with the Classic Responsive Skin, so your site will be 100% mobile responsive and ready to rock the second you install Thesis.

If you want to change your design, you can experiment with the design options of the Classic Responsive Skin, add your own Custom CSS, or even pick a new Skin and start from there. The choice is yours.

Finally, if you’d like to see demos of our Skins, head on over to the new Skin demo page.


Chris….looking to implement the marketers delight skin (already purchased) but I’m a Realtor that hasn’t yet learned to navigate thesis 2.x. Any of the custom designers mentioned above have exp with marketers delight and available for hire?

Thanks for your passion!

Chris Pearson

Hi David! I’m not familiar with any designers who specialize in customizing the Marketer’s Delight Skin, but since you’re a customer, why not ask the Marketer’s Delight forums? I think you’ll be able to find a seasoned designer there who is also eager to help you out.

Raaj Trambadia

A *wave* from the Support Executive at Kolakube (for Marketers Delight).

Raaj Trambadia


Hi Raaj – does the “wave” indicate that either you are available for hire or can recommend someone for marketers delight implementation/customization? Thanks!

Raaj Trambadia

It indicates that I’m available 😉

Shoot me on – raaj[at]raajtram[dot]com.


Hi Chris,

Currently all my skin moved to
So, i hope you can update help me.

Thank for the mention!

Chris Pearson

Got you covered, Truong!


Chris, all the designs of NXThemes are rip-offs! you shouldn’t be promoting them.

Chris Pearson

Naeem, according to Raaj, those designs aren’t rip-offs—they’re affiliate links.

Raaj Trambadia

Pearson, I guess what Naeem’s trying to say is that the original skins being sold by NXThemes (now WPNXTHEMES) are rip-offs. To a certain extent, I would agree there because quite a few of the skins there look very similar to themes from ThemeForest. A couple of them also seem to be complete replications.

However, I an nobody to judge. Just wanted to clear that in the linked comment of mine, I was talking about the few promotional blog posts at the NXThemes (not WPNXTHEMES) blog.

Raaj Trambadia


The problem with Themedy is that you can’t purchase a single skin like you can with Genesis. It is very, very, very frustrating and I believe, Thesis’ biggest let down. (Though, some of the 2.1 features are painful too: like box configs are a list and don’t tell you what page they’re on, which I know that you’re considering fixing Chris. )

In general, Thesis needs a big uplift in skin designers.

Chris Pearson

Tim, first, how is Themedy’s purchase setup “Thesis’ biggest let down?”

Second, let me ask you a question in reference to your statement:

Though, some of the 2.1 features are painful too: like box configs are a list and don’t tell you what page they’re on…

Is Thesis’ interface harder to understand than PHP files containing hooked functions with convoluted conditionals to control display on particular templates?

I think not…

While I am always focused on improving the product, I think we at least have to be fair here. With Genesis, you’re stuck in custom function land, and Thesis 2 has freed you from these chains.

Recognize! 😀


Sup Chris Kross.

Sorry, I meant, approaches like Themedy’s. (I want to buy their themes but the model sucks. And yes, it’s not your fault.)

My point about lack of quality skins (a few exceptions aside) still stands.

Don’t get me wrong.

I do like T2.0. Once I came to grips with it, it ruled.

And recently I read a T v G review on the web, and stuck up for Thesis.

Moreover, I still am developing on T2/Marketers Delight 3, I just have found T2.1 confounding…
…in very specific areas – like, Skin Content list — a bullet point list with no indication which page it belongs to. I know you said you’ll figure niceties like that out later (and that’s fine, it’s your biz) but as a user, this directly prevents me from using it until this is ironed out.
(And yes, the doco needs fixing).

I know others have pointed it out, and I don’t wish to belabour the point, nor pollute the comments of this post (sorry!), but it’s niceties like this, and super-clear RTFM doco, that help (users evangelize).

I guess it’s hard for you to please everyone and I recognise how much work goes into it, but I guess these things need to get taken seriously as it’s a paid product.

Anyway, looking fwd to the continued improvements and evolution.


Chris Pearson

Tim, I know you’re hung up on the Skin Content list, and like I said, we’ll definitely be doing everything we can to improve that over time.

Marketer’s Delight has more Boxes and more templates than either Classic Responsive or Social Triggers, so that’s probably why this seems like such a big deal to you.

That said, there is a finite number of templates—probably 7 or less—on which any of those Boxes could actually appear. That’s a really small, manageable number.

It’s possible that the template interface was confusing for you because it makes it seem like there are tons of templates. In reality, those are just the potential WordPress templates, and Thesis creates most of them automatically based on the top level templates (Home, Single, Page, and Archive).

Once you understand that, you realize that it’s really easy to get the results you want, because there are only a few main templates on which your Boxes can reside.

For example, if you edit a Box in the Skin Content area and then later see that it appears on a page where you don’t want it to appear, you have two easy options:

[1] If you don’t want the Box to appear on this page (as opposed to the template, which we’ll cover below), then you can visit the Skin Editor, create a new template, copy from Page template (or whatever template was active on this page), remove the unwanted Box, and save the template. Then, go back to the WordPress page editor, and select your new template in the Thesis Skin Custom Template dropdown box (on the right). Voila!

[2] If you don’t want a particular Box to appear on any of the pages running a particular template, then you only need to visit the Skin Editor and remove the Box from that template (and hit save). Easy peasy.

I actually did a demonstration of this exact task on a webinar last week with Rick of BYOB Website. The entire operation took less than 30 seconds.

Next, you said:

(And yes, the doco needs fixing).

Which documentation are you referring to here? I’d love to take a look at whatever you felt was inadequate so we can improve it today.


Great response, Chris.

Tim Flynn

Hey Chris,

I love Thesis but haven’t made the 2.1 jump yet. Can you suggest the best skin you’ve seen for podcasts? I’m looking for a new way to grab attention and to keep people coming back? Also, how hard is it to change skins? Is it like starting over?

Chris Pearson

Tim, Derek Halpern includes audio in his posts all the time, and his site is the basis for the Social Triggers Skin. That said, you could easily incorporate audio players into any Thesis Skin, so I don’t know that it’s fair to say one Skin is better than another in this department.

Finally, changing Skins is a one-click process, so it doesn’t get any easier than that. As far as “starting over” is concerned, I guess that depends on what you mean and what level of customization you require.

Some folks could switch Skins and be fine with zero modifications, but most people have to do at least some tweaking to get their site precisely how they want it.

If you’re familiar with switching WordPress themes, then you’ll find switching Skins to be slightly easier. Furthermore, switching themes entails a 100% overhaul, but Thesis is smarter than that—when you switch Skins, your main site data stays the same, so you only need to focus specifically on design details and not technical integrations (like Google Analytics, Google Authorship, etc.).

Thesis keeps your mission-critical site details constant no matter what Skin you’re running, so in that regard, Skins are superior to WordPress themes.

Tim Flynn

Thanks Chris, Thesis and you guys always exceed my expectations

Chris Pearson

Boom! Glad to hear it 😀


Timbo, can I recommend Marketers Delight. If your aim is for earballs (!), and opt ins, check it.

I use it on a particular site, and love it.

I will eventually cut my main site to MD3.1 and T2.1 when I come to grips with how they work now.

Tim Flynn

Thanks, Ill check it out. Love this community!

Tim Flynn


Gotta shout out to Puneet at!

He’s so prompt and helpful, and I like working with his design. Glad you’re giving him props, too.

Dev Duff

ok, here’s my 2 cents …

The first and the foremost important element of a website nowadays is the website/blog loading speed. Most themes/skins are designed focused on the looks, functionality, ease of use, etc. I have not yet come across a single designer who designs a theme to make it load fast. I understand, if we go for a good design, we have to sacrifice the loading speed a little. However, at least take measures that can improve the overall page loading speed. A few examples of what I’m trying to say ..

Combine JS and CSS files and minify them. Either use the Minify tool or Yahoo’s YUI compressor. Not every blog owner knows how to minify/combine CSS and JS files. Combining helps in reducing HTTP requests and thus helps in making the page load faster.

Use Sprites for decoration images. I have not yet seen a single Wordpress theme where the designer cared to use sprites for decoration images like pointers, roll over images, css images, etc. Using sprites, you can cut off a huge number of unnecessary HTTP requests.

PLEASE do not include unnecessary CSS code making the CSS file 100KB. Try to make the CSS file as small as possible. There are different ways to make the CSS smaller by using the same DIV/CLASS on different pages. I mean, does it really have to be that huge? Do you really have to write a new div/class for each element in a block? I’ve seen such themes where designers have written CSS for homepage, pages, post pages, etc.

I generally use this tool in order to analyze the loading speed of theme demos. I can easily judge how well a theme is designed.

Last not but the least, validate your CSS and XHTML.

If there is such a theme where the designer has done all of the above, I would love to buy it double the regular cost of the theme.

Site loading speed is an important parameter while Google ranks your website and webpages. If you really care for your website, as a web admin, you have to do all of this if the theme designer doesn’t. Oh well 🙂

Chris Pearson

Dev Duff, Thesis does the right thing in all the situations you’ve described. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you haven’t really bothered to look at this issue too closely yet. (Also, you can’t base anything off our theme demo pages because those include code necessary to run

Had you installed our Skins on any of your own test sites, you would have been able to see the unmatched performance of Thesis for yourself.

First, all of our Skins ship with only a single CSS file and no separate JS files. This keeps the additional HTTP requests down to the smallest possible number—one, for the CSS file.

Also, it’s clear that you didn’t even bother to look through the default Skin CSS files. Both the Classic Responsive Skin and Social Triggers Skin stylesheets check in at an incredibly small 17kb (not even minified!).

For complete stylesheets that include media queries for responsive design as well as a responsive, multi-level dropdown menu, the 17kb files are almost impossible to believe. I guarantee you will not find a more efficient stylesheet anywhere.

Also, regarding minification, Frederick Townes of W3 Edge (creator of the W3 Total Cache Plugin) has advised me not to minify my CSS file out of the box because it can affect proper caching. Since that plugin is so widely used (as well as the Super Cache Plugin), I decided not to ship our Skins with minified CSS files.

Further, you went off the reservation here:

PLEASE do not include unnecessary CSS code making the CSS file 100KB. Try to make the CSS file as small as possible. There are different ways to make the CSS smaller by using the same DIV/CLASS on different pages. I mean, does it really have to be that huge? Do you really have to write a new div/class for each element in a block? I’ve seen such themes where designers have written CSS for homepage, pages, post pages, etc.

Yes, that’s what other, crappy designers do. That’s not what I do or what Thesis has ever done, as many others here will gladly attest.

In fact, if there is any one advocate of performance, efficiency, and lean markup, I am that guy. To lump me in with every other idiot out there is to not understand one bit of the journey I’ve been on for nearly 6 years now.

Next, I validate every Skin before shipping it. Occasionally, I’ll make a decision that breaks validation, such as adding aria tags to help with the visually impaired.

I also chose to add some inline JS that controls the responsive dropdown menu reliably on every device. This is considered “invalid” by the validator, but it’s actually recommended by Google Page Speed Insights.

I went with Google and accessibility on that one (and it’s clearly the right decision to boot).

Finally, you said:

If there is such a theme where the designer has done all of the above, I would love to buy it double the regular cost of the theme.

Feel free to PayPal $394 to diythemes [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll be looking forward to it!

Raaj Trambadia

Pearson, thanks for the mention!

More stuff coming soon – keep an eye 😉

Raaj Trambadia

Chris Pearson

Solid, Raaj! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


Hi Chris,
These are great resources. My website still runs on older version of thesis 1.8. I am really worried to upgrade. Main concern is that if the SEO stuff would carry over, if I switch and how would it impact my traffic. Also, I have do re-do the whole skinning again if I move to 2.1…Any migration options ? Your thoughts ?

Chris Pearson

Kumar, your SEO data will indeed carry over to Thesis 2, so you don’t have anything to worry about there.

Also, your traffic will either be unaffected or actually improve, simply because Thesis 2’s HTML markup is leaner and cleaner than Thesis 1’s.

Finally, you asked:

Also, I have do re-do the whole skinning again if I move to 2.1…Any migration options?

I just looked at your site, and you basically have a modified version of the Classic Responsive Skin (though your site is on T1.8 and is not responsive).

Since this is the case, it should be pretty easy for you to activate the Classic Responsive Skin and then apply your CSS customizations to it. In addition, you’ll need less custom CSS than before, simply because you’ll be able to achieve at least some of what you want from the new design options interface.

Finally, there is no magic button to carry over your Thesis 1.x customizations into Thesis 2. The themes are 100% different, and the HTML and CSS needed to target various elements has changed (substantially in some cases).


Thanks Chris for the confidence and explanation. Sure, I will switch over soon. How about the custom_functions ? Can I at least use those in 2.1 ? Because, I am using custom_functions for many of the thesis customizations.

David Alexander

You can use these custom functions in the new custom.php file Kumar, it works the same, only you may have to revise your functions a tad and change the hooks your actions are being plugged into to new thesis hooks.


Thanks David !

Chris Pearson

Also, Kumar, one of the main benefits of Thesis 2 is that you’ll no longer need a majority of your custom PHP.

With T2, you can do most of the things that used to require hooks within the interface, so this will significantly reduce the amount of custom code you need to run your site.

Here on DIYthemes, for example, I was able to reduce the custom codebase by over 80% after switching most of the site over to Thesis 2.

Gowtham V

Hai Chris ,
I am currently working on some really awesome skins for thesis 2.The site will be launched within a month.Hope everyone in the thesis community will love it 🙂

Chris Pearson

Looking forward to it, Gowtham!

Nina Cross

You rock, Chris! I appreciate all of the work you’ve done to make Thesis 2.1 incredible.

I’m so frickin’ excited to get my Thesis Skins out into the community and I promise there will be many more skins from me in the future. Stay tuned 🙂

Chris Pearson

Obviously, this is gonna be fantastic. I’m looking forward to September 10th!

David Alexander

Great stuff as always. Will launch my redesign on Thesis 2.1 next week. Temporarily here.

Chris Pearson

You’re off to a killer start, David. Hit me up on Twitter when you go live with the new design!

David Alexander

Will do Chris and thanks.

Have a shop I run with a friend local to me and have just launched that on Thesis 2.1 with WooCommerce. Also used Serge’s box to make WooCommerce integration a sinch with the Thesis template interface. I would say his work is worth a mention on this article.

Chris Pearson

David, your site looks fantastic!

And yes, I need to profile Serge and a couple of other Box-makers in an upcoming article. They’re already proving indispensable to the community!

David Alexander

Appreciate the kind words.

Yeah, that is for sure! I have been working on a html_container extension which adds html5 data attributes which is cool but still toying with it a bit since I have a few other requirements for the box have a colleague working on it with me at the moment. What is your email to send a copy when it is done?


Hi Chris,
Thanks for mention,
I am very happy to be in the part of Thesis Community. We are planning to dedicate some more niche skins that could love by every Bloggers and Internet Marketers.


Thanks for the mentioning sites to buy skins! Gonna purchase some skins! Cheers 🙂


Are there plans to release official DIY skins on an ongoing basis, or just defer to third parties to fuel the skin market? Seems to me, doing so would be a huge opportunity to not only build the Thesis user base, but also add another large revenue stream.

Chris Pearson

Chris, absolutely! This is our core business model.

The only reason we didn’t sell Skins from 2008 until now is because Thesis 1 (and every other premium WordPress theme that’s currently available) could not handle Skins in an efficient, bulletproof manner.

I developed Thesis 2 to be the platform upon which Skins (and other reusable website parts) could be built and distributed. Now that Thesis 2.1 is here and the platform is stable, we will be cranking out Skins and expanding our product offerings.


Great to hear!


Really Awesome work by thesis . next going to purchase Thesis

thank you team


I am new to this theme and i found it today/ I liked it and i have a question. Is Thesis a theme only which installs on Wordpress or its based on a special framework? If its framework based, whats that framework?


Hi Pearson.
Good work, and thanks for the mention!


Great list, Chris. I use skins from three of the designers listed here. ALL are different but awesome for what I need on a per site basis.
thanks a lot!

Phil Lavender

I am redeveloping my site using the Social Triggers Skin and Thesis 2.1. I have been told by the web design team I hired that ejunkie is not compatible with the social triggers skin and Thesis 2.1 and have suggested using the woo-commerce-thesis-full-integration-pack” plug-in. I would like to use ejunkie. Are they accurate? Am I forced to use woo-commerce?

Chris Pearson

Phil, I don’t know the specifics of ejunkie integration with Thesis, but I do know that Woo Commerce works with the Plugin your team has suggested.

In all likelihood, ejunkie requires a bit of tweaking to get its product templates to work (this is common with ecommerce Plugins), and that’s precisely what the Woo Commerce Integration Plugin does. I’m not aware of a similar Plugin for ejunkie at this time, so Woo Commerce may indeed be your best bet here.


Thesis developers are doing a great job! By the way, the skins seem interesting! 🙂


is it compulsory to buy a skin or can i create ? will you give any free skins?
Even though i have professional plan .

Chris Pearson

Srinu, every Thesis license comes with the Classic Responsive Skin, and the Basic Plus and Professional licenses come with two additional Skins—Social Triggers and Pearsonified.

In addition, you are welcome to create your own Skins, and there is unlimited potential here.


If anyone knows of a skin for thesis that looks similar to pinterest I would love to know about it. I hate the way my blog posts look now (mostly text and sociable icons). I will go through the list of resources that you posted but if anyone knows off bat of a Pinteresty skin please let me know. Thanks! 😀


I’m a 10 year web developer and use Thesis almost exclusively for new and current clients….examples on Thesis are (Thesis 2) and (Thesis 1.8) and (thesis 2). I love Thesis and would be grateful to be considered as a Thesis friendly developer!

Mark Clayson

What skin does Smart Passive Income use? In the “page source” it says SPI but I think that is just the site acronym. So I guess it is custom made?

Chris Pearson

Mark, that is a (really awesome) custom Skin commissioned by Pat Flynn for his re-design.