Expert Website Optimization Service

Got a website? We’ll make it faster.

We’ve been building and supporting WordPress websites for nearly a decade, and we notice the same critical problems over and over again.

The biggest issue? Once people get their site working—Plugin integrations, tracking scripts, ads, images, email forms, whatever—they need a true professional to come in and refine everything to ensure their site runs as fast as possible.

That’s where we come in.

No matter what WordPress Theme you use, we’ll enhance your site by refining the way scripts and styles are incorporated, managing Plugin bloat, improving images, and much more.

Awesome Optimization Service
(Site only)

Speed and performance are crucial. They affect visitor behavior, sales, leads, opt-ins, search engine rankings—basically, all the things that determine whether or not your site is actually working.

In our Awesome service, we cover the most common issues that affect site speed and performance:

  • Optimize JavaScript and CSS files
  • Reduce total page size/requests per page
  • Plugin audit to ensure things only run when needed
  • Schema markup audit (where applicable)
  • Before/after performance report

$300 for non-Thesis sites
$250 for Thesis sites

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Ultimate Optimization Service
(Site and Server!)

This optimization service is the ultimate tune-up for your website. We’ll take a close look at your site and your server, and we’ll optimize both to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your current setup.

To improve your site, we’ll focus on these key factors:

  • Database optimization
  • Plugin integration enhancements and performance tweaks
  • Configure caching via the server or by Plugin
  • Enable and configure Gzip compression
  • Server optimization (applicable to VPS and Dedicated servers only)

Prices vary, so please contact us for more information.

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Image Optimization Service

Bundle FTW!

We’ll give you a discount on Image optimization if you bundle it with our Awesome or Ultimate Service!

Nearly every site that incorporates images needs some form of image optimization, but for sites that are especially image heavy, this is absolutely essential.

Did you know? Image file sizes can often be reduced by 50% or more without affecting the image quality at all! This means the negative performance impact of images on your site can be cut in half, thereby enhancing the browsing experience for all of your visitors (but especially those on mobile devices).

Pricing depends on a number of factors, such as the total number of images, method of storage (WP Media Gallery vs. some other method), and also how your design is constructed.

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