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Full Page Template, No Sidebars

Bixby Bridge on the Pacific Coast Highway

If you set a WordPress Featured Image for any post or page that uses the full page template (with no sidebars), then you’ll end up with more horizontal space for BIGGER images than your normal posts or pages.

This is great for things like infographics, which often require more space than is typically available on core templates for posts and pages.

Optimized Typography

You may have noticed how this text has been set to a specific width instead of spanning all the way across the page.


Because studies repeatedly show that people are less likely to read very long lines of text, and on top of that, they also make more mistakes on the return sweep (that’s the visual movement of the eyes from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next).

For that reason, we’ve constrained the typography on our full page templates to the precise measurements found elsewhere in this Skin.

This simple adjustment guarantees that your text will always be appealing to readers, regardless of the template.

If you’d like to remove this constraint and have your text flow all the way across the page, then you can add this simple bit of Custom CSS to your site:

.full_page .post_content {
	max-width: $w_total;

And best of all, you can accomplish this from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard, without the need for an FTP client or text editor.